A high level of marginal bone conservation

Mean change in the marginal bone level from the implant placement to the first year of implants in function

The main factor affecting patient satisfaction following implant installation is the provision of good functionality and an optimal esthetic outcome. Natural-looking esthetics ensure the stability of the alveolar bone in accordance with the physiological dimension of soft tissue (biological width). This can be achieved only if the implant, framework and dental prosthesis work in perfect harmony. The results of the study/studies show that BioniQ products have this symbiosis. Thanks to this, the LASAK BioniQ ranks among the best brands in the field. Sources.

High fatigue strength of the implant-abutment connection (ISO 14801)

High fatigue strength of the implant-abutment connection (ISO 14801)

The stress of the implant and the abutment is examined through the use of a chewing kinematics strength test. The test consists of 5 million cycles, where the strength of the connection implant-abutment-screw is checked. This number of cycles corresponds to about 20 years of implant lifetime. Source

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