Surgical and protective gown Europa


Surgical and protective gown Europa


Europa Surgical Gowns are certified under UNE EN 13795

Europa Surgical Gowns are certified under UNE EN 13795 – Meets quality requirements for operating theatres / clean rooms.




Features of surgical gown Europa:

  • Knitted collar (color according to size)
  • Size variability thanks to snap buttons in the neck hem
  • Sleeves are finished with seamless knitted cuffs
  • Sewn-in waistband (inside and outside)
  • Loose straight cut
  • Reinforced seams
  • High impermeability against fluids
  • Durable and low-maintenance with an exceptionally long life


New-generation surgical gown Europa with accredited quality guarantee: Technotex®.

Exclusive FANOTEX technical fabric manufactured by the Spanish company Technotex®: 99% tetralobular polyester + 1% carbon fiber. The fabric retains its technical properties after 75 washing and sterilization cycles. It is latex-free, hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.


Technical properties of FANOTEX fabric:

  • Highly waterproof fabric
  • Barrier against the penetration of bacteria and infectious particles
  • Permanent anti-static properties
  • Very comfortable, lightweight and breathable
  • Designed for operating theatres, ICU units and other clean rooms
  • Extremely high durability


Technical characteristics of surgical gown Europa:

  • Type of spinning material: Polyester microfibers with carbon filaments
  • Composition: 99% polyester, 1% carbon fiber
  • Weight: 125 g/m2


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