Temporary ProImplant implants

LASAK one-piece temporary ProImplant implants enable the temporary treatment of patients with high aesthetic and functional demands with an existing prosthesis or with provisional fixed dentures during the healing period for permanent implants or graft sites. The bendable implant neck enables the provisional implants to be optimally aligned.

  • Immediate provisional restoration
  • Diameter of 2.1mm
  • Easy, straightforward insertion
  • Possibility of parallelism correction


Comfort for patient

These temporary ProImplant implants give your patients the opportunity to leave your practice immediately after implantation with a functional denture. This way, they can enjoy their lives without aesthetic or functional restrictions and participate in social life during the necessary healing period.


Three different lengths

In addition to the aesthetic benefits and enhanced comfort for the patient, anchoring provisional fixed dentures to ProImplant implants protects the augmented areas and permanent dental implants. These temporary implants are made from Grade 4 Titanium and are available in three different lengths of 7, 10, and 14mm.


Bendable implant neck

Implantation of the temporary implant is easy and straightforward. The ProImplant can be gently bent up to 20 degrees in the bendable section. Temporary ProImplant implants are used exclusively for temporary treatment that does not exceed six months.



  • Support for immediate loaded, provisional restorations
  • Protection of soft tissue over healing implant sites
  • Protection of the grafted area



  • Inadequate bone depth or quality
  • Insufficient cortical bone for ProImplant stabilization




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