BioniQ implant system

LASAK peace of mind lifetime guaranteeEasy and effective

  • The combination of deep cone, solid hexagon and reinforcing cylinder ensures maximum strength of the implant-abutment connection
  • Built-in platform shifting for high tissue volume and stability
  • Conical apex and self-cutting thread ensure safe and fast insertion
  • Hydrophilic BIO-surface speeds up osseointegration proven in fifteen years’ clinical use

BioniQ dental implant system

BioniQ dental implant system

  • The system philosophy emphasizes ease and effectivity.
  • Surgical instruments for all types of implants, including all diameters and lengths, in one cassette.
  • The horizontal and vertical set-off of the implant-abutment connection from the bone level, together with the implant mini-threads, contribute to the stability of the marginal bone and soft tissues surrounding the implant.
  • Wide range of prosthetic components ensuring perfect esthetic results.

Advantages of BioniQ system

First-class implants with full service

  • Personal access to highly qualified consultants with up to twenty years implantology experience
  • Possibility to produce fully customized individual solutions
  • Flexible product delivery
  • Easy and quick guarantee program

Long-term research and development

LASAK launched BioniQ dental implants, in 2013, following its 20 years of experience of producing dental implants. The state-of-the-art surface treatment, brand new Q-Lock connection, optimized insertion, clear and practical packaging, together with other functional characteristics of the system have a single aim – to provide a unique set of advantages based on our own long-term research and development without compromising ease of use and cost-effectiveness.


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