Collagene AT

  • Fully resorbable
  • Highly flexible
  • Supports the healing process


Collagene AT

The Collagene AT® membrane is made of pure lyophilized hypoallergenic collagen of equine extraction.

Collagene AT® is a membrane with nanometric micro-irregularities at the surface that creates a barrier effect. Amongst the collagen layers with reticular links there are micro spaces of 10-20 microns to prevent cell migration.

This barrier effect prevents epithelial and soft connective tissue cells from interfering with bone growth or paradontal tissue growth. The maintenance of a space beneath the membrane allows osteoblast migration and new bone growth or new paradontal growth.

The membranes are fully resorbed within 180 days, therefore, eliminating the need for second surgery.



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Collagene AT® is a registered trademark of CENTRO DI ODONTOIATRIA OPERATIVA S.r.l.