Prosthetic flexibility

  • Yellow-colored QN (Q-Lock Narrow) prosthetic components are intended for narrow S2.9 implants.
  • Blue-colored universal QR (Q-Lock Regular) prosthetic platform for five types of implants (S3.5, T4.0, S4.0, T5.0, S5.0).
  • Dual-function connection offers internal conical connection for single tooth restorations as well as external platform for bridge restorations (e.g. LASAK CadCam bridges).
  • Color-coding is used for the prosthetic components and the internal part of the implant. Blue color-coding is used for the QR prosthetic platform and yellow color-coding is used for the QN prosthetic platform.

BioniQ dual function connection


Abutment types

BioniQ abutments present a wide range of options for individual solutions and customization according to specific needs and the patient’s dentition. A narrower diameter of prosthetic components – compared to the implant diameter – allows better soft tissue management. The dual function connection allows bridge restorations to be fixed to the implant without the need for multi-unit abutments

Esthetic abutments for cemented restorations

Esthetic abutments for cemented restorations

  • Robust design with two guide slots
  • Emergence profile similar to a natural tooth
  • The height of the abutment shoulder is from 0.7 mm

STANDARD abutments for cemented restorations

STANDARD abutments for cemented restorations

  • Supplied as a set containing healing cap, impression and burn-out copings
  • Easy and straightforward impression
  • Allows chair-side selection of the best suitable abutment

Abutments for screw-retained restorations

Abutments for screw-retained restorations

  • Easily revisable restoration
  • One screwdriver fits all screws: bridge screws as well as all other BioniQ screws
  • Reliable treatment of disparallel implants
  • Angled Screw-On abutments are delivered with the Screw-On abutment holder

Abutments for attachment-retained restorations

  • High dual retention
  • Self-aligning feature
  • Minimal vertical height


  • Pure titanium (ISO 5832-2)
  • Titanium alloy (ISO 5832-3)


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