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LASAK focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of innovative healthcare products, particularly bone and dental implants and bone regeneration materials. The company was founded 1991 by doc. Ing. Zdeněk Strnad, CSc. and Ing. Igor Riedl, CSc.

In addition to its production activities, the company systematically pursues its own research and development programs in co-operation with leading scientific institutions, universities and prestigious clinics throughout the Czech Republic, focusing above all on the development of new biomaterials. Particular attention is paid to bioactive materials with a basis of calcium phosphate ceramics, bioactive glass ceramics and bioactive titanium materials. LASAK produces several types of advanced ceramic bioactive materials, under the brands PORESORB-TCP and OssaBase-HA. These materials are used as replacements for bone tissue in orthopedics, neurosurgery, jaw, face and ear surgery, etc.

In 1993, LASAK began producing a new innovative system of implant tooth replacement, known as the IMPLADENT Implant system. This advanced system ranks among the world’s best recognized systems, conforming in all technical details to the international requirements concerning the material used and design applied. The IMPLADENT Implant system was introduced on the market in 1993, and since then, the system´s success rate has been subject to systematic evaluation with the results published in professional and other periodicals. The IMPLADENT Implant system is appreciated not only in the Czech Republic; it is also used in many other countries, too.

In 2000 the LASAK BIO-surface was the first hydrophilic bioactive surface of titanium implants on the market and this concept of surface treatment was soon adopted by leading world manufacturers and is now used all over the world. LASAK was awarded the prestigious Czech Scientific Award, “Ceska Hlava 2010” (Czech Brain), in the category Industry Award for Innovation in a Dental Implant System. These innovations included the unique bioactive surface finish and an advanced implant design which enable safer and faster healing of the implant in the bone tissue.

Based on twenty years of experience and following the latest trends in implantology, LASAK launched a new system of dental implants BioniQ® in 2013.

The process of developing, manufacturing and servicing the IMPLADENT and BioniQ® Implant system is subject to a quality management system, implemented according to ISO 13485. The compliance of LASAK products with the requirements of the Council Directive 93/42 EEC and other technical standards was confirmed and, therefore, all LASAK products are CE marked.

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