IMPLADENT implant system

  • Bioactive, nanostructured and hydrophilic surface
  • Long-term scientific documentation
  • Two designs of implants – tapered and straight

The IMPLADENT implant system

  • Dental, two-phase implantology system enabling differentiated therapy, selected with regard to each individual patient. The two-phase method respects the conditions for successful healing of the implant. The implant isn´t loaded during the healing phase and is covered with mucosa and isolated from the oral cavity.
  • Suitable for late, delayed or even immediate implantation.
  • It comprises a number of graduated elements for prosthetic reconstruction and suitable temporary solutions.


Overwiev of IMPLADENT implant types
The IMPLADENT implant system ranks among the top globally-recognized systems, complying in all technical details with the international consensus concerning both the material used and the design applied. The process of developing, manufacturing and servicing the IMPLADENT implant system is subject to an implemented quality control system according to ISO 13485:2003.

The IMPLADENT implant system was introduced in the market in 1993. Since then the system success rate is subject to systematic evaluation with the results published in professional and other periodicals. The IMPLADENT implant system is used not only in the Czech Republic, but also in many other countries (e. g. Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine etc.)