Advantages of BioniQ system

BioniQ implant

Q-Lock connection

Q-Lock connectionThe implant-abutment Q-Lock connection is a unique combination of four stabilizing components:

  • Deep cone ensures stability and tight seal of the connection
  • Solid hexagon as an anti-rotation element
  • Reinforcing cylinder – tube in tube
  • Cone under the screw head

High fatigue strength of the implant-abutment connection (ISO 14801)

The stress of the implant and the abutment is examined through the use of a chewing kinematics strength test. The test consists of 5 million cycles, where the strength of the connection implant-abutment-screw is checked. This number of cycles corresponds to about 20 years of implant lifetime.


Fatigue strength of the implant-abutment connection graph
Sources: M. Wieland, H. Hornberger, Mechanical testing of fatigue strength, Bone level implant scientific overview, Starget 2010–1, experimental data from LASAK, Report – Accredited testing laboratory for mechanical tests at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Nobel Biocare, leaflet Smaller and stronger. 

Instruments for all implant types in one organizer

Instruments for all implant types

  • Minimized number of instruments
  • Intuitive easy-to-follow instrument organizer
  • Instruments for both Straight and Tapered implants in one cassette
  • Instruments for implants BioniQ and BioniQ Plus are compatible

One screwdriver fits all screws in the system

BioniQ screwdriverThe same hex 1.25 screwdriver is used for all abutment screws as well as the bridge screws used for fixing the restorations.

Support for planning software

The BioniQ implant libraries are available in the following planning software:

  • 3Shape (Implant Studio)
  • Dental Wings (coDiagnostiX)
  • Planmeca (Planmeca Romexis)
  • Vatech (Ez3D)
  • Newtom – CAMOSCI (NNT)
  • MyRay (iRYS)
  • Blue Sky Bio (Blue Sky Plan)
  • Swissmeda (SMOP)
  • ProDigiDent (ImplaStation)
  • Leaf Implant (OnDemand3D)
  • ACTEON (AIS 3D App)



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