New: PrimeLOC attachments

21. April 2023

Leveraging the most recognized overdenture attachment design globally, the PrimeLOC attachment system enables you to provide your patients with all the benefits of hybrid restorations without worrying about unnecessary costs or unsatisfactory durability. The PrimeLOC Overdenture Attachment System answers the increasing demand for value-optimized products without compromising quality. PrimeLOC attachments for hybrid restorations are now available at


Innovative coating technology

The PrimeLOC abutments are coated with Zirconium Carbon Nitride. This tremendously hard, fully biocompatible ceramic PVD coating is very resistant to wear and abrasion. In addition to its functional surface properties, it has an esthetic rose-gold color. Zirconium accumulates less plaque than titanium and can, therefore, counteract inflammatory processes.

PrimeLOC High Performance Plastic (HPP) retention inserts have a lower tendency to absorb water and high resistance to chemicals and fats, including alcoholic disinfectants. The inserts are extremely durable and have an excellent dynamic load capacity.


BioniQ hex 1.25 screwdrivers compatible

In addition to the LOCATOR-compatible tri-lobe drive mechanism, PrimeLOC attachments feature an internal 1.25mm hex drive mechanism in the center of the abutment, which is easy to tighten with a standard BioniQ hex 1.25 screwdriver.

Straight, angled and bar attachments

The PrimeLOC attachments range includes straight, angled and bar attachments. PrimeLOC angled attachments with an 18° angulation allow correcting the disparallelity of inserted implants (up to 65° between the two implants). Bar attachments with M2.0 thread are designed to be screwed directly into the CAD/CAM milled bar.

For all leading implant systems

The LASAK BioniQ QR and QN attachments are in stock. We can also provide PrimeLOC attachments for other systems on request.

  • Bego
  • BioHorizons®
  • Dentsply Sirona®
  • Medentis
  • MegaGen
  • Nobel Biocare®
  • Osstem® / HiOssen Implant
  • Straumann®


Satisfaction Guarantee

As a testament to our world-class quality control, all PrimeLOC attachments are subject to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This includes a 3-year guarantee on PrimeLOC attachments.

PrimeLOC is a trademark of MEDEALIS GmbH, Germany. Please note that the other trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners.



You can buy PrimeLOC attachments and accessories at LASAK shop.