New LASAK shop for bone regeneration

18. January 2022

You can find our user-friendly online shop, especially for bone regeneration materials (bone grafts, membranes, and tacks), at the link Our bone substitute materials are supplemented by high-quality products from proven industry partners. Other products are being gradually added.

Visit our LASAK shop at the link to order the following products online:


Fully resorbable bone substitute material PORESORB-TCP

This cost-efficient completely resorbable bone graft by LASAK stimulates new bone formation, gradually dissolves and is replaced by newly formed bone tissue. PORESORB-TCP represents a valuable alternative to autologous bone and offers a stable scaffold for new bone formation. It is without risk of immunological response or infection transmission. It has a human-like bone structure. Various grain and packaging sizes are clearly listed in our online shop.


Volume-stable bone graft OssaBase-HA

OssaBase-HA is a volume-stable, nanoporous material for bone regeneration. Its structure, composition and workability are similar to natural bone. This bone graft is slowly resorbed by the bone, making it a perfect scaffold for fast and stable bone formation. Its low substitution rate helps to ensure long-term implant stability and maintain volume when a longer healing time is required. LASAK´s OssaBase-HA is without risk of immunological reactions or pathogen transmission. It is easy to order in various grain and packaging sizes in our online shop.


Resorbable and non-resorbable membranes

For guided bone regeneration as well as guided tissue regeneration, various membranes are often used together with bone grafts. The augmented area can be protected by a resorbable collagen membrane of bovine origin, Cytoplast RTM Collagen or of equine origin, Collagene AT® for a predictable time. If you want to determine the healing period yourself, non-resorbable membranes Cytoplast TXT-200 or non-resorbable titanium-reinforced membranes Cytoplast Ti-250 of different shapes and sizes are available.


Ready-to-use membrane tacks Metapin with comfortable handling

Metapin membrane tacks are used for the placement of both resorbable and non-resorbable membranes during the guided bone regeneration process. Thanks to the precision guide in the Metapin holder, they are reliably stabilized during the pickup phase. The membrane tacks are ready to use and single sterile packaged. You do not need to use a dispenser; the tacks are picked up easily and safely from the packaging. The pins are made from titanium and are available in our online shop in a length of 3 mm.


Further products are being gradually added.