Indian distributor’s training

20. December 2012

A training course was underway on 19 and 20 November 2012, this involving partners of LASAK´s Indian distributor. The first day of the session was held at the Research and Development Center for Dental Implantology and Tissue Regeneration, Prague – Hloubetin, while on the following day the physicians underwent an internship at the Implantology Centre of the Dental Clinic, Charles University´s Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital, Hradec Kralove.

Dr Bonatz At the Prague center, topics covered by the lecturers comprised theoretical background and managing the IMPLADENT system. Dr. Bonatz focussed mainly on surgical planning of treatments, possibilities of immediate loading and augmentation techniques and discussed with the dentists the selected case studies.

Ing Strnad Ing Strnad, the Managing Director of LASAK, made Indian dentists familiar with the company’s dental portfolio. A lively discussion concerned properties of surfaces of dental implants, particularly the benefits of the bioactive hydrophilous BIO-surface.

surgery in Hradec Kralove surgery in Hradec Kralove 2 The Implantology Centre in Hradec Kralove, a facility with 20-year experience, saw the practical part of the course, the program including live surgeries led by the team of Assoc. Prof. Simunek and subsequent analysis of individual surgeries.

Assoc Prof Simunek practise practise course in Hradec Kralove