Experience with the BioniQ Guided Surgery

8. October 2021

Nowadays, more and more implants are being placed at sites that would be considered as having insufficient bone volume for classical implantation procedures. If you want to implant in places with insufficient bone for classic implantation, there are several possibilities. Guided Surgery seems to be one of them, as Dr. Pavel Hyšpler, Head of Department of Stomatology of the Military University Hospital Prague, Czech Republic, reports in his case study in the prestigious German Implantology Journal “Implantologie Journal” No. 10/2021 under the title Schablonengeführte Chirurgie bei geringem Knochenangebot.

Modern procedures often shorten the duration of treatment. Ultimately, more and more comfort is achieved – by shortening the treatment time, reducing the number of sessions, replacing conventional impression taking – and thus increasing patient satisfaction.

Read the full case report in English.