Looking back at IMPLANTOLOGY conference 2015

23. April 2015

Jakub Strnad – LASAK conference More than two hundred dentists and dental technicians participated in the 19th scientific conference IMPLANTOLOGY 2015, organized annually by LASAK. The central theme of the presentations was “Dental implantology: ease and efficiency”.
Antonin Simunek – LASAK conference On Friday, April 17 2015, implantologists not only from the Czech Republic, but also from other European countries, gathered in Prague to listen to speakers and to discuss current issues from their everyday dental practice. Dana Kopecka, M.D. from the University Hospital in Hradec Kralove, CZ, compared the theory and day-to-day practice of contraindications in implantology. She evaluated, among other things, bisphosphonate treatment in relation to implantation, which is a widely discussed topic, nowadays. Prof. Antonin Simunek, M.D., Ph.D. from the University Hospital in Hradec Kralove offered a detailed analysis of upper jaw treatment possibilities with the All-on-X concept.

Kai Fischer – LASAK conference The presentation by Kai Fischer, M.D. from Germany, dealing with soft tissue management within the functional and esthetic aspect, was well received. When using augmentation procedures aiming at soft tissue volume gain, autologous palate tissue in the form of free gingival grafts or subepithelial connective tissue grafts is often used. However, functional and esthetic indications need to be differentiated. In the posterior or functional area, the main goal is to maintain or increase the volume of keratinized mucosa around implants to prevent periimplant infections. On the other hand, increasing the volume of soft tissues in the anterior region is fundamental for optimum esthetics.

Vladimir Zábrodsky – LASAK conference Tomas Hudler, M.D. shared his experience with the new implant system BioniQ® used in his private dental practice in Prague, CZ. During one-year of use, BioniQ® implants have shown only positive results, documented in accordance with the established protocol and methodology. Vladimir Zabrodsky, M.D. from Prague, CZ, presented treatment using implant-supported removable dentures, based on his 25 years of experience. The treatment procedure has become simpler and more standardized over the years and, even today, this type of treatment of edentulous upper jaw continues to be perceived as very positive by the patients. Jan Drazan, M.D. from Slany, CZ, addressed all the issues an implantologist working in a small town in Central Bohemia, deals with. He presented cases from his everyday practice, ranging from periodontics patient treatment to peri-implantitis and autogenous tooth transplantation.

Jiri Mazanek – LASAK conference The successful discussions were the result of contributions, not only by the speakers and the audience, but also by the chairmen of the conference sections, prof. Jiri Mazanek, M.D., Ph.D. and prof. Antonin Simunek, M.D., Ph.D. In addition, there was a poster presentation, mainly focusing on case reports documenting the use of BioniQ® and IMPLADENT implants, and BioCam CAD/CAM technology. In the lobby, our colleagues from the sales, and the research and development departments of LASAK were available to answer questions and present the latest news to all participants of the conference.

Jiri Holakovsky – hands-on workshop BioniQ After the lunch break, it was time for a hands-on workshop for registered attendants entitled the “BioniQ® implant system: ease and efficiency”, presented by Jiri Holakovsky, M.D. from the General University Hospital in Prague, who shared his experience with the BioniQ® implant system, followed by a hands-on session where everyone could try to insert the implants on dummies.
Dana Kopecka – LASAK conference LASAK conference Tomas Hudler – LASAK conference LASAK conference – product presentation LASAK conference – questions from audience Jan Drazan – LASAK conference poster presentation – LASAK conference poster presentation – LASAK conference

hands-on workshop BioniQ hands-on workshop BioniQ hands-on workshop BioniQ hands-on workshop BioniQ