3Shape library

The 3Shape libraries contain complete data for the entire LASAK BioniQ implant system, such as the STL files of implant platforms (indexed, non-indexed, bridge), LASAK CadCam Ti base, and STL data for Premill abutments. In addition, the libraries also contain STL files of scanbodies and/or necessary configuration data.

Note: The library can be installed as of DS 2015.

LASAK BioniQ library (Ti base)

The library contains data for Ti bases and Screw-On abutments for the BioniQ system.

   The current version is V1.0.2

   The schema of the Ti base library


LASAK BioniQ library (One-Piece)

The library contains the data enabling the design of One-Piece superstructures connecting directly to the BioniQ implants.

   The current version is V1.0.5

   The schema of the library for One-Piece superstructures


LASAK BioniQ library (Premill)

The library contains data for Premill abutments for the BioniQ system.

   The current version is V1.0.1

   The schema of the Premill abutment library

Additional information

   How to install the 3Shape library

   The schema of the 3Shape library

   How to install the 3Shape library – video

  Overview of versions of the 3Shape libraries