CAD libraries

The BioniQ libraries are available for the following software: 3Shape, Dental Wings and exocad.

Every library for the chosen system contains files with data to download (ZIP). The BioniQ ZIP file (library) contains complete data, such as STL files for platforms (Q-Lock, Non-indexed, Bridge), Ti base (LASAK CadCam abutments), Screw-On abutments and STL files for Premill abutments. Furthermore, it contains the STL files for scanbodies and necessary configuration files (according to the system), if needed. All the data files need to be installed into the library of the modelling software in your computer or imported into your modelling software, (i.e. 3Shape).

For the BioniQ system, a PDF file containing a diagram of the whole library is also available for better orientation when choosing a particular solution for a milled framework.

If you need IMPLADENT system libraries, please email us at

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Are you having trouble installing, or do not know how to install or set-up, the LASAK CAD library? Thanks to TeamViewer, you can leave it to us. Support is available on workdays, Mon–Fri, 8.00 a.m.–4.30 p.m., Czech local time (CET/CEST), after prior arrangement with our operator on (phone) +420 224 315 663, or at