New generation of BioniQ drills

New generation of BioniQ drillsBioniQ drills stand out for their efficient performance, resistance and simplicity of use. The innovative BioniQ drills have been designed to be used either in the traditional way, or with drill stops for even more comfort and safety. You will achieve the required depth easily and with precision, without having to worry about overdrilling. The drills are available in two lengths – 34 and 40 mm.


One drill stop set for all implant types

We have made the use of drill stops as easy as possible. A single set, containing drill stops of two diameters, works with all diameters of BioniQ implants. All ten drill stops are arranged in one organizer. The system of BioniQ drill stops is easy, economic and efficient.

The organizer for drill stops can be stored in the instrument cassette (mark 2016).


Easy and effective

  • The corresponding implant length is indicated on the drill stop
  • Openings for more effective cooling and removal of drilled bone
  • Passive rotation to ensure protection for soft and hard tissues
  • Reusable and sterilizable


One drill stop set for all implant types

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