Scientific Award 2010

hlava kopie

LASAK was awarded the prestigious Czech Scientific Award, "Ceska Hlava 2010" (Czech Brain), in the category Industry Award for Innovation in a Dental Implant System. These innovations included the unique bioactive surface finish and an advanced implant design which enable safer and faster healing of the implant in the bone tissue. Each year, an eleven member jury decides awarding of this highly respected Czech scientific Award.

As a result of its long-term, continuous research into biomaterial-body environment interactions, LASAK was the first company on the European market that was able to offer a unique bioactive, hydrophilic and nano-structured surface treatment (BIO-surface). The experimental and, especially the clinical widely documented, results confirmed that dental implants with the BIO-surface speed up the formation of a functional bone-implant interface, thus improving the implant’s secondary stability in the early healing phase. The outstanding performance of BIO-surface implants has been documented for even the most demanding indications. This bioactive surface is used in more than twenty countries, e. g. in Germany, Sweden, which is a really good representation of Czech science abroad.

Prebrani oceneni The award of this prize is the result of LASAK´s long-term research and development with leading research and educational institutions. This co-operation with clinical departments enabled the successful expansion of the new BIO-surface into clinical practices. Thus, this award of the prestigious prize "Ceska hlava 2010" is for all those cooperating departments too.