• Macro and nano bone-like structure
  • Excellent volume maintenance
  • Low substitution rate

OssaBase-HA is a synthetic, macro and nanoporous bone regeneration material based on hydroxyapatite with a low substitution rate. It is used for bone regeneration of missing or lost bone tissue independently, or in combination with autologous bone tissue, blood or PRP.

Structure of OssaBase-HA


  • Structure system of interconnected macro and nanopores which mimic the structure of human bone
  • Excellent osteoconductive properties of OssaBase-HA enable predictable bone regeneration
  • Optimal non-irritating shape of polygonal macro and nano-porous granules
  • No organic porogen compounds used during manufacturing – ensures particularly high chemical and phase purity
  • Fully synthetic material – no risk of immunological reactions or pathogen transmission
  • Narrow size ranges of available granules – enough space for optimunm bone ingrowth over large distances
  • High osteoconductivity.


Macro and nano bone-like structure


Implantology, periodontology

  • Remodeling of the alveolar ridge
  • Sinus lift
  • Treatment of bone defects around dental implants
  • Filling of bone defects after extirpation of cysts
  • Treatment of periodontal defects

Orthopedics, traumatology

  • Tumor-like lesions (unicameral bone cyst, aneurysmal bone cyst, bone gangliomas, fibrous dysplasia, …)
  • Pathological fractures with the above-mentioned lesions
  • Posttraumatic bone defects (comminuted osteoporotic fractures, compressive fractures of a long bone epiphysis)
  • Benign bone tumors
  • Arthrodesis


  • Filling of bone defects
  • Filling of intervertebral discs



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