Official presentation of LASAK IBERIA

The BioniQ® implant system was launched in the Iberian market on 14 November 2014 in Bilbao (Spain) at Iberdrola Tower. The cooperation between the Spanish partner TH Medical and the Czech manufacturer LASAK was presented under the brand LASAK IBERIA. The knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese markets in connection with more than 20 years of experience in dental implantology is the best prerequisite for a long-term and successful cooperation and the best service for the customers....
Company news, Press release 21. November 2014

BioniQ at the ICOI South Asia

LASAK in cooperation with its Indian partner introduced in South Asia the BioniQ® implant system. The new successful system of dental implants BioniQ® was introduced at the implantology conference ICOI South Asia, that took place in Indian Hyderabad. Their experience from dental implantology shared with more than six hundred participants among others Dr. Christian Berger, president of BDIZ EDI, Prof. Dr. Binderman and Prof. Dr. Antonin Simunek from the Faculty of Medicine,...
Company news, Press release 15. November 2014

LASAK Iberia starts in November

LASAK Iberia, through its partnership with TH Medical, launches its new BioniQ® implant range in the Spanish and Portuguese markets on 1 November 2014. Biomaterials, neurosurgery and traumatology lines will also be available in the Iberian market. The official product presentation will take place on 14 November 2014 in Bilbao at Iberdrola Tower. For further information please contact us at For more information about TH Medical and the product portfolio for Iberian market see
Company news, Press release 29. October 2014

Testing of fatigue strength – Astra EV vs. BioniQ

LASAK company added the next item to fatigue strength of the implant-abutment connection tests (ISO 14801). Astra OsseoSpeed™ EV 3.6S implant, new on the market, failed stength test by load 180 N. Level of strength is about 25 % less than BioniQ® S3.5 implant, which resisted load 240 N. Comparations to the other commercial implant systems is in the graph bellow. More implant-abutment test information is on Q-Lock connection page. Sources: M. Wieland,...
Product news, Press release 4. July 2014

Cast-On abutment – time and cost-effective solution

LASAK launched the customizable abutment Cast-On in spring 2012. The LASAK Cast-On abutment is an universal easy-to-process solution for implant-supported restorations. The Cast-On abutment consists of a prefabricated, cobalt-chrome, nickel-free alloy base, a plastic modeling sleeve and a fixing screw. Our Cast-On abutment offers a cost-effective option for castable abutments made from gold alloys and is available for all major implant systems. It gives the technician maximum flexibility for customized contouring of the abutment and gingival emergence profile in accordance with individual requirements....

BioCam technology successfully introduced to the Czech market

Last year, LASAK introduced BioCam superstructures for implants of all leading implant systems to the Czech market. Several hundred satisfied patients have already benefited from the superior accuracy of BioCam technology. Clients using BioCam technology appreciate the option for direct screw fixation into the implants without sticking any contact members (interfaces). This eliminates the formation of additional gaps as potential sources of bacterial contamination. Unmatched accuracy and a guaranteed high-precision scanning process ensure a perfect fit of the superstructure and even symmetrical loading of the dental implants....
Product news, Press release 25. April 2012

World-class research centre opened

Today, the LASAK company opens a new research centre in Prague’s Hloubětín quarter, the construction of which was supported by European Union funds. Thanks to the project, it will be possible to develop better quality materials for the regeneration of bone tissue and dental implants, which will shorten the treatment time and be markedly cheaper than foreign products. LASAK, which has built the new research centre, is the only Czech manufacturer of ceramic materials for bone tissue replacements,...
Company news, Press release 30. September 2011

New address – Prague-Hloubetin

We are delighted to inform you that our headquarters has moved to our newly-constructed Design and Development Center for Dental Implantology and Bone Regeneration: LASAK Ltd. Českobrodská 1047/46 190 01 Prague 9 – Hloubětín Czech Republic GPS: 50°5´35,631″N, 14°31´33,078″E Our telephone and fax numbers remain the same: Phone: +420 224 315 663, +420 233 324 280 Fax: +420 224 319 716....
Company news, Press release 1. July 2011

Scientific Award 2010

LASAK was awarded the prestigious Czech Scientific Award, “Ceska Hlava 2010” (Czech Brain), in the category Industry Award for Innovation in a Dental Implant System. These innovations included the unique bioactive surface finish and an advanced implant design which enable safer and faster healing of the implant in the bone tissue. Each year, an eleven member jury decides awarding of this highly respected Czech scientific Award. As a result of its long-term, continuous research into biomaterial-body environment interactions,...
Company news, Press release 30. November 2010