BioniQ S2.9 – narrow hydrophilic titanium implant

The LASAK company has extended its BioniQ® implant system with a new line of narrow implants with a diameter of 2.9 mm. This enables the BioniQ® system to offer optimal solutions in situations where treatment with conventional dental implants is either problematic or completely impossible; most frequently in the anterior area with a narrow alveolar ridge or when interdental space is limited.

Narrow BioniQ S2.9 implant

LASAK company was one of the first companies to launch narrow implants as part of its IMPLADENT implant system in 1996. Based on 20 years’ experience of clinical use, LASAK has now launched its narrow implants, BioniQ® S2.9.

LASAK´s narrow implants, BioniQ® S2.9, feature – the same as other BioniQ® implants – a hydrophilic, nano-structured, bioactive surface, which accelerates the formation of the functional bone-implant interface, thus improving the implant´s secondary stability in the early healing phase. All the benefits of the system have been preserved in spite of the narrow diameter of these implants.

Premium Grade 4 titanium, from US supplier, is used in the production of BioniQ® S2.9 implants. The titanium material conforms to the LASAK Corporate Standard requiring material properties significantly superior to those specified in the common standard, (ISO 5832-2). Excellent results in normative tests are achieved by combining premium high-strength materials with an original verified design.

Narrow implants – wide applications

A new QN prosthetic platform (Q-Lock Narrow) has been specially developed for these narrow, S2.9 implants. It reflects the requirements for treatment comfort and flexibility and contains all the standard prosthetic components for cemented, screw-retained and attachment-retained restorations. Customized solutions, such as LASAK CadCam and Cast-On abutments are, of course, offered for the QN platform, as well. The components are yellow-colored to be easily distinguished from the QR prosthetic platform, which is used for treatment with BioniQ® implants of all other diameters.

One instrument cassette for all implant diameters

Although the BioniQ® implant system now offers a second prosthetic platform, all the instruments used remain the same while maintaining the system concept – ease and effectiveness. Both platforms use the same insertion wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as other instruments. Everything is, thus, placed in one cassette without the need for further expense.