Custom cranial implant

Cranio-Oss – CAD model

  • Exact geometry from CT data
  • Excellent biocompatibility – Ti, PEEK
  • No adjustments required during surgery
  • Maximum surface in contact with the bone

Cranio-Oss custom implants are indicated for anatomical reconstructions of bone defects in the area of the cranial vault and face caused by decompressive craniectomy; comminuted fractures and fractures with a loss of bone tissue; bone removal due to a tumour, inflammation, infection or rejection of previously implanted material.

Cranio-Oss – Precise customized geometry Cranio-Oss custom implants are made from synthetic biomaterials – technically pure titanium (c. p. Ti) or polyether ether ketone (PEEK Optima-LT), using the modern CAD/CAM method. Customization of artificial implants for the specific defect and patient allows us to optimise the treatment of extensive bone defects.


  • Precise customized geometry created according to the patient’s up-to-date CT data
  • Choice of two materials with excellent biocompatibility (Ti, PEEK)
  • The supplied implants are complete and finished and do not need to be adjusted during surgery
  • Manufactured using modern CAD/CAM technology with five-axis milling
  • Highly precise and stable shape
  • Maximum surface in contact with the bone – even distribution of load
  • Very good esthetic results


Cranio-Oss – Osteoconductive surface treatment Modern CAD/CAM technology guarantees that the edges of the implant are precisely aligned with the edge of the defective bone and the entire implant has optimum thickness. The implant surface that is in contact with the bone has a special surface to achieve optimum tissue response.