In memoriam – Ing. Igor Riedl, CSc.

Ing. Igor Riedl, one of the two founders of LASAK, died on 5th July 2004 in a car accident at the age of 71.

Ing. Igor Riedl, CSc. was born on 30th June 1933, in Prague, into the family of a top bank official. After studying at an English Grammar School, in 1952 he wanted to pursue his study of languages for which he had a great talent. Fate or happy chance, however, directed him to the technical field of chemistry. In 1958, he graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technologies, Prague at the Department of Glass and Ceramics where, in the following years, he became a candidate (CSc.) in the field of glass and ceramics.

After graduating from the institute, he began his career as a technologist at the then national company, Glass Technology’s manufacturing plant, Ruzenin, where he gained his first practical experience of glass technology. As he was interested in glass technology, he then moved to the research department of Glass Technology, in Prague. Beginning as a research assistant, he was, from 1968, the head of the research group. Here, Ing. Riedl applied his practical experience and his excellent organizational abilities to the resolution of a great number of applied research projects. The results of these projects which were, in many cases, implemented in manufacturing, resolved many problems concerning the optimalization of the glass melting process, modeling of electrical melting, glass melting aggregates, new unified technologies for shaping technical glasses, constructing new machinery for working with glass, and developing and optimalizing new compositions of glass and glass ceramics material.

In 1978, after joining VUTS Prague and the research department of the national company, Glass Union, Teplice, Ing. Riedl became the head of the Prague research center of the new combined Research Department Glass Union. There he worked to 1990, when he was named the deputy in the Ministry of Trade of Czechoslovakia. After a half year in this work he returned to research and founded, with doc. Ing. Zdeněk Strnad, CSc., the private company LASAK Ltd.