World-class research centre opened

Lasak budova Today, the LASAK company opens a new research centre in Prague’s Hloubětín quarter, the construction of which was supported by European Union funds. Thanks to the project, it will be possible to develop better quality materials for the regeneration of bone tissue and dental implants, which will shorten the treatment time and be markedly cheaper than foreign products.

LASAK, which has built the new research centre, is the only Czech manufacturer of ceramic materials for bone tissue replacements, which are used primarily in neurosurgery, orthopedics, and dental implantology. “Thanks to our own research, for which the company was awarded, for example, the Česká hlava prize for the year 2010, we are able to successfully compete, in terms of quality, with the leading world products from Western Europe, Switzerland, or the USA. We have had to invest in human resources and equipment to keep pace with the major foreign companies, and so we decided to build a new research center in Prague,” said Jan Riedl, the company’s financial director and manager of the project, explaining why the project was created. LASAK was the only private research organization to obtain a grant for the construction of the center from the Prague-Competitiveness Operational Program. “The project was implemented for the most part from our own resources, the grant covered less than one fourth of the costs,” added the project manager.

laborator s fantomy Thanks to the new premises, the firm was able to hire three new researchers. As part of the project, the center was equipped with state-of-the-art devices that will be used for research and development in implant system components and new regeneration materials. The new materials and implants will enable higher quality and faster treatment that will be more affordable for patients and the general public than those of the competition.