European Commission Vice-President visits Development Centre

Strnad, Katainen, Slechtova – example for BioCam bridge The European Commission Vice-president for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen, visited the Research and Development Centre of Dental Implantology and Tissue Regeneration of LASAK in Prague as part of his program to promote the European investment plan (the so-called “Junker´s Package”). The centre is one of the successful projects co-financed by the European Fund. Accompanying him on the visit was the Czech Minister of Regional Development, Karla Slechtova.

The head of the centre, Mr. Jakub Strnad, presented results of the research and development projects, in which LASAK is co-operating with other research centres and clinics in the Czech Republic and abroad. The visitors saw all areas of the building with the latest equipment which helps to achieve successful results. “I am very pleased to welcome the European Commission Vice-president, Katainen, to this project. The company has built an up-to-date base for world-class research using European finance ...”, said the Minister of Regional Department, Karla Slechtova.

The project of the LASAK company was co-financed with more than eleven million Czech crowns by the Prague – Competitiveness Operational Program. The company focused on the construction of a new research and development centre for dental implantology and tissue regeneration. The research concentrates on the development and use of the latest materials for bone replacement and regeneration, and bone implants, for dental implantology, neurosurgery and orthopedics. The work of these laboratories results in patients enjoying a higher quality of life with new teeth or intervertebral discs implanted.

Projects presentation in Development centre LASAK Strnad, Slechtova, Katainen in laboratories of LASAK Letackova, Katainen, Schneidr, Slechtova v laboratories of LASAK Katainen, Strnad, Slechtova in Development centre LASAK